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Pac Union forecast: This is Just a Flattening?

For the third year running, Pacific Union International has presented a live economic forecast presentation for the region, looking outward to 2019. On November 16, at the San Francisco Jazz Center, Pacific Union CEO Mark McLaughlin presented research findings alongside economists John Burns, Dean Wehrli and Selma Hepp to an audience of 420 people plus hundreds more watching the live stream online in English and ...more

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Pacific Union Named Second Fastest Growing Brokerages in Sonoma

In the past five years, a new group of regional companies has pushed into the top ranks of Sonoma County’s residential real estate market. In a county with a mix of regional and national real estate brands, the new players include Santa Rosa-based W Real Estate, San Rafael-based Bradley Real Estate and San Francisco-based Vanguard Properties. All three companies have broken into the top 10 ...more

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Pacific Union International Announces Sale of Beloved Mrs. Doubtfire House Robin Williams Film Makes San Francisco Victorian a Landmark

San Francisco, Nov. 21, 2016 – Pacific Union International, Inc. today announced the sale of the iconic Victorian mansion in San Francisco that was used in the acclaimed Robin Williams film, Mrs. Doubtfire. Although the late actor never lived in the home, it became the scene of an informal shrine to Williams after his death in 2014. Leading San Francisco real estate professional, Steve Gothelf ...more

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Jeff Schween for The Press Democrat – Real Estate….There Is No Substitute

Real Estate….There Is No Substitute Porsche coined the slogan decades ago to epitomize the experience of owning and driving their iconic creations. They found it brought about emotional reactions, imagination and old-time memories that drew buyers to its’ brand while inevitably creating a cult following of sorts for those that could acquire one as for those that could only dream of it. This phrase has ...more

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Steve Gothelf Leads SF Chronicle Sound Off Interview

How much privacy can buyers or sellers expect during the transaction process? A: Privacy levels during the transaction process range from moderate to high depending on buyer and seller needs. During a real estate transaction buyers and sellers will experience varying degrees of privacy with respect to their identities. It’s best when the Realtor and client develop a strategy and plan accordingly. Far more than simply ...more

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Key Takeaways from Economic Forecast

For the third consecutive year, Pacific Union International teamed with John Burns Real Estate Consulting to present a live webcast forecast of what’s ahead in Bay Area real estate through 2019. To watch last night’s full, one-hour presentation, click here. Presenters Pacific Union CEO Mark A. McLaughlin; Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp; John Burns Real Estate Consulting CEO John Burns; and John Burns Real Estate Consulting Senior Vice President Dean Wehrli combined research and ...more

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Key Takeaways from Pacific Union International Bay Area Real Estate Forecast Through 2019

San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 17, 2016 – For the third consecutive year, Pacific Union International teamed with John Burns Real Estate Consulting to present a live webcast forecast of what’s ahead in Bay Area real estate through 2019. To watch last night’s full, one-hour presentation, click here. Presenters Pacific Union CEO Mark A. McLaughlin; Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp; John Burns Real Estate Consulting ...more

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Selma Hepp Reports on Trump Transition

Since Donald Trump was elected president last week, mortgage rates have jumped by half a percentage point and tech stocks have fallen. That could put a damper on the Bay Area real estate market if it persists. You’d think having a real estate tycoon in the White House would be good for real estate. And it might be. Some of his proposals — such as ...more

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Trump and the California Housing Market

Pacific Union International Real Estate’s Chief Economist Weighs in on What the Disruption Could Mean for the Economy and Housing San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 13, 2016 — Dr. Selma Hepp, chief economist for the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading luxury brokerage Pacific Union International, reports that while President-elect Donald Trump did not specifically refer to housing markets in his campaign, there are conclusions that can ...more

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Nina Hatvany Weighs in on $5 Million Mansion Tax

San Francisco voters were poised to increase transfer taxes on homes that sell for more than $5 million in a bid to make wealthy residents pay more in response to the income-inequality crisis they’re blamed for creating. The ballot measure appeared to be winning, according to a final summary of unofficial results posted on the San Francisco Department of Elections website with 100 percent of ...more

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