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Chief Economist Selma Hepp quoted by Mercury News

$3 million listing: Amid affordability crisis, sales of luxury homes double in the Bay Area Finding a Bay Area home for less than $1 million is harder than ever, but if you have $3 million to spend, you could have better luck: Sales of such luxury homes doubled across the region in February, compared to the previous year, according to an analysis by Pacific Union. ...more

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Selma Hepp quoted in Mansion Global article on Bay Area Sales

Bay Area Luxury Sales Double Despite Market Uncertainties A volatile stock market, tax reform and rising interest rates did little to dampen demand San Francisco Bay Area luxury home sales doubled in February, fueled by activity in Silicon Valley and Wine Country, according to analysis from brokerage Pacific Union. Home sales over $3 million doubled to around 126 transactions last month in the eight counties ...more

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Mansion Global Looks to Selma Hepp for Tax Analysis

2018: Global Luxury Real Estate to Feel Tax Impact From New York to Sydney, major cities will feel effects of federal regulations, stamp duties and tax system overhauls Concerns over tax changes and government regulation will buffet luxury housing markets around the world, as punitive stamp duties in places like London and Sydney and the biggest overhaul to the U.S. tax code in decades play ...more

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Selma Hepp Analyzes the San Diego Condo Market for the San Diego Business Journal

Report: S.D. New Downtown Condo Price Uptick Outpaces Major CA Markets Downtown condominium prices in newly constructed buildings have risen faster in San Diego than in other major California markets, according to a report from The Mark Company, a real estate advisory company. Between November 2016 and November 2017, prices for newly built condos rose 13 percent in San Diego compared to a 6 percent ...more

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Selma Hepp Gives Inman Predictions for 2018

8 experts predict what the 2018 housing market has in store What will happen to mortgages, inventory, affordability and more The 2017 real estate market, characterized by a relentless listings shortage, surging home prices and a noisy political climate fueling uncertainty about the future, wasn’t without its challenges. Yet real estate professionals have weathered years far less rosy, and with a strong economy propelling job ...more

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Pacific Union Chief Economist featured on DS News

Ask the Economist: Selma Hepp on Economic Growth Selma Hepp is the Chief Economist and VP of Business Intelligence for Pacific Union International, Inc. She joined Pacific Union in 2016 to oversee the vital economic and technology intelligence for the company. Prior to joining Pacific Union, Hepp served as Chief Economist for Trulia, Senior Economist for the California Association of Realtors, and as an economist ...more

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Selma Hepp weights in on China’s Currency Cap

China’s currency caps hurt Chinese home buyers in the U.S. The Chinese middle class, both in China and in the United States, stands to lose the most by China’s newly imposed currency restrictions. The group most affected may be the many Chinese buyers who already live and work in the United States and rely on money from China to purchase a home. Of foreign buyers, ...more

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Selma Hepp Weights in on Share Of Chinese Homebuyers Dropping In Bay Area

How China’s Government Regulations Will Impact Bay Area’s Housing Market China’s government restrictions on foreign investment may result in fewer Chinese homebuyers in the Bay Area and California. The share of nonresidential buyers in California from China has decreased, and residential buyers are having a more difficult time getting money out of China, according to a report from Pacific Union Chief Economist and Vice President ...more

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